Google+ For Self Storage

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How Google+ makes marketing easier for the self storage industry

Google+ has amassed more than 100 million active users. It’s also an integral part of local Google Maps searches—Google+ reviews now pop up in Google Maps local searches. If you want your self-storage properties to rank well in local searches, Google+ is critical.

Google+ Local listings

Listings appear to Google+ users in two columns – on the left they will see business information, and on the right will be a Google map showing users where the business is located.

When users search for a general local term, such as “self storage facility in Seattle,” they will likely be shown seven listings on the first results page, known as the Google 7-Pack. Trying to get into these first-page results may prove quite difficult for self storage owners and operators, but Inside Self-Storage gives owners a few tips to finding success:

Step 1 - Create a profile.
Step 2 - Ensure the profile is complete with up-to-date business information.
Step 3 - Compare the Google+ Local listing with all other listings to guarantee cohesiveness.
Step 4 - Link the Google+ Local page with online reviews, social media sites and website links.

Inside Self-Storage recommends self storage owners not rush through any of these steps; instead, take plenty of time to make sure the Google+ Local listing is set up correctly. This may take anywhere from three weeks to six months, but will pay off for self storage owners who use Google+ to make their business visible and easy-to-find.

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