What is DXM?

Digital Expereience Management - Prospect to Advocate

Not surprising, many companies are starting to ask a similar question: “How do we leverage the impact of digital innovation to better engage our customers — and do so faster and more effectively than our competitors?”

And G5 has the answer.

Digital Experience Management® (DXM®) is the oversight of how your customers — current and prospective — perceive all of their digital interactions with your property over the entire customer lifecycle — from marketing to sales to customer service. They need to be “wowed” from their very first exposure (online search) to their very last (online payments) — and at every digital touchpoint in between. That’s how you inspire advocacy, where your customers are recommending your property to other people in the social sphere. The result: increasing demand for your property and enabling you to increase rents without affecting occupancy.

G5 is the only provider of DXM software and services in the property management sector. The G5 DXM Platform — which hosts more than 4,000 property websites, representing over 1 million units — and accompanying products and services help our clients transform the way they market, sell, service and generate advocacy in the digital world. And G5 helps our clients win online by creating and managing digital experiences that deliver quantifiable results.

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Hear what our clients have to say about G5

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Jean Woodworth, JMG Realty

Shaun Daugherty, Sterling Group, Inc.

Kara Jones, JMG Realty


Hear what our clients have to say about G5

iPhone Quick Clips

"The best part about working with G5: They are true partners in our business." Edward Hainrihar Jr., VP of Operations, Compass Self Storage

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