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Apartment Rating Sites Can't Be Ignored


It's tempting to view apartment rating sites as a passing fad, or nothing more than forums for terminally cranky renters. But apartment rating sites are here to stay and they can make or break your business. Joe Bousquin of Multifamily Executive Magazine recently interviewed top executives, owners and managers about apartment rating sites. Here's what Stephanie Haefner, vice president of interactive marketing at Philadelphia-based Madison Apartment Group, which owns 19,000 units, had to say:

“There are a lot of apartment companies that believe these platforms are only for dissatisfied renters that are merely looking to vent their anger and frustrations. We’re not one of them. We view the feedback and commentary on social media and ratings sites as a vehicle for engaging with our residents.”

Many property owners are actively monitoring and addressing online reviews on a daily basis:

“It is essential to consistently monitor and respond to reviews — both positive and negative,” says Alexis Vance, national marketing director at Phoenix-based Alliance Residential Company, which operates 50,000 units in 15 states, and specifically trains its employees to engage with residents using social media and review sites.

Don't fret: You won't have to hire a full-time employee to monitor your online reputation. You can do it all through one easy-to-use tool:  G5 Reputation Manager

To read the rest of Bosquin's article, visit Multifamily Executive Magazine.