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Apple Maps Checkup: Is Your Listing Accurate?


Apple sold 10 million iPhone 5s over opening weekend. All of those phones, or any iPhones with the latest operating system (iOS 6), are equipped with Apple Maps. It's the new iPhone standard and it should be a key part of your SEO strategy. But Apple Maps is in its infancy. Users report misspelled place names, inaccurate search results and incomplete listings. Check and fix your listings now and you'll get a jump on the competition. Here's how to do it.

Get an iPhone or iPad loaded with iOS 6. Search for your property's location in the maps app. If you find any problems, you can tell Apple.

Incorrect location

If your property shows up on the map, but it isn't in the right location, you can update it and tell Apple right away. Tap the blue arrow on your location's listing. Swipe to the bottom of the screen and tap "Report a problem." Tap "Pin is at incorrect location." Tap "Next" and reposition the pin. You'll be able to pinch and zoom to find your exact location. When the pin is in the right place, tap "Send" to send your update to Apple.

Not on the map

If your property doesn't show up on Apple Maps, you can add it. Find your property's location on the map. Tap the lower right corner of the screen to curl up the map. Tap "Drop Pin" and place a pin on your property's location. You can drag the pin to the exact location. Again, tap the blue arrow on your pin's location. Swipe to the bottom of the window and then tap "Report a problem." Tap "Information is incorrect" and tap "Next." Enter the name, address, phone number, website URL or any other information about your property. You can also select a category for your property. Tap "Send to Apple" when you're done.

Millions of iPhone users will be using Apple Maps to search for everything from pizza to your properties. Take care of any errors and issues now and you'll leap ahead of the competition. Source: Alex4D