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"Are We Happier on Facebook Than While Searching?"


(As I type this, I'm taking quick bites of my oh-so-good-for-you-organic frosted toaster pastry, stimulating the part of my brain that makes me very happy).

In this week's column, MediaPost's Rob Griffin rationalizes the increasing amount of search activity on the social communities. Research presented at the DMA 2010 last week in San Francisco showed the correlation between the chemical effects that various activities - including search on social sites - have on our brains. Connect the dots, and according to the researcher who presented the data, it "means the trick to successful social media marketing is, at its simplest, to know what will make your target audience happy."

(Just took another bite, and am chewing on the words "authenticity" and "transparency").

Next time I search on a social site I'll be sure to wear my mood ring.

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