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Are You Using the Most Consistent Keywords?


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If someone asked you to list the 10 most important keywords in your online search marketing campaign, could you do it? Do you know what keywords attract the best prospective residents in your rental community?

If your answer is no, you're in for a bit of tough love: You won't get interest or attention from your ideal renters if you don't speak their language. This doesn't go to say that whatever search terms you're using now aren't what some people are searching for, but you'll want your websites to show up for the most prospects possible, meaning you need to streamline your keywords and do the homework required to figure out which are most worth your valuable time.

A recent article in Forbes revealed that finding these 10 elusive keywords can create leverage to help Multifamily property owners come up with marketing solutions that will actually attract more people and increase awareness of available rentals.

Getting Started

It may seem overwhelming to have to think of 10 of the best keywords right off the bat, especially if you haven't considered the quality of your keywords before. Instead of trying to come up with a brand-new strategic Internet marketing plan, start small and brainstorm a few possibilities.

If you're still feeling stumped, here are three tips from Search Engine Land that may help your property's keyword strategy stand out from competitors:

1. Start by describing your property. It may help to include geographic terms, nearby notable locations and features that could lead to general inquiries.

2. Next, think about what makes the property unique. Does your property most appeal to people living a healthy lifestyle or students? Consider the details that make this property unique from competitors.

3. Understand why current residents chose to rent within your property. This may be determined through surveys or by simply reaching out to the community, but the information can be valuable when highlighting these features in your marketing. Odds are if it's something that clinched the deal with one person, it may work with others.

4. Try to avoid too-common keywords. Pairing "apartments" or "rental community" with your city and state may certainly be a good first step in finding your ideal prospects, but remember that your competitors are likely relying on similar keywords. There is value in trying to be unique when developing a keyword strategy.

Just because you have keywords doesn't mean the job is over

If your marketing plans have been in motion for some time, you probably know which keywords typically perform best in your campaigns. But when was the last time you checked the keywords you're using to ensure their place in search results justifies their position in your top 10 list?

With all of the regular updates to search engine algorithms, you can't really be too careful. Just as you need to constantly consider the SEO value of your blog, website and social media updates, you need to evaluate your keywords. Experienced search engine marketing companies may be of great assistance to not only property marketers who need to create a plan, but also those who wish to maintain their marketing successes.

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