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Best. Quarter. Ever.


G5 has done it again. We've posted our best quarter on record. Again. For revenue. For client growth. For employee growth.

In virtually every way, G5 is getting bigger and better.

And we're shouting it from the rooftops. Or, at least, from the businesswire. And our web site.  

Here is a little snippet from the release we put out this morning:  

Along with impressive revenue increases, G5 has also posted growth in its number of employees, client roster, geographic reach and services. Co-founded by Hobin and CFO Greg Meier, the company has grown from two to 40 employees and anticipates continued job growth through 2009. G5’s client base has tripled in the past year, and the company now serves more than 1,500 client locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. G5 has also expanded its Local Marketing Platform to include a Print Yellow Pages Analytics Tool, G5 Mobile Coupons and Social Media Advertising.  

And, of course, how our CEO feels about the growth:

“In light of the current economic climate, we feel extremely fortunate to be in the growing local Internet advertising space,” said G5 CEO Dan Hobin. “We are now on track to hit our fourth consecutive year of 100% plus annualized revenue growth.”  

That's right folks. We're excited. But we also realize we're very lucky to be doing so well. We're grateful for our current situation and excited about the future...