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Boost SEO with these Simple Tips


The massive online community is home to thousands of Multifamily property owners and operators vying for prospects' attention, and some may find it increasingly difficult to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. It’s even harder for those without a lot of sufficient online search marketing.

Large companies can solidify top rankings with large budgets and highly recognizable names. Many Multifamily owners and operators may be forced to do more with fewer resources. But it’s not all bad news - here are some tips to help you maximize SEO:

Content is king. The truth to the modern axiom is undoubtable. You need new and fresh content to pique interest and maintain traffic. Local industry and property blogs are a great way for Multifamily property managers to regularly inject a site with new content; once it gets rolling, finding new topics and posting frequently becomes second-nature.

Selecting the right keyword. Keywords are another critical part of SEO. Do some light research in considering the search terms prospects are likely to use, then integrate them into your content. Successful keywords need to be refined to draw away from other companies: Think “two-bedroom furnished downtown apartment” instead of simply “apartment.”

Social media integration. Social media is another cost-effective means to optimize SEO and connect with prospects and tenants. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can also provide a bevy of property hunters to connect with and help build relationships that lead back to a business. Social media in particular allows Multifamily owners and operators to listen to what customers are looking for in properties and key in on ways to optimize SEO strategies.

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