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Borrell Associates: By 2013 Nearly 70% of Local Advertising Will Be Online


Sure, we beat the drum.

"Advertising is changing" we say. "Local advertising is moving online at a rapid rate" we say. "If you're a local business, you have to have a presence online in order to be successful" we say.

Well. We hate to say we told you so...but...well...um...yah. We'll just imply it.

You are likely seeing it all around you. We certainly are. Newspapers closing (major ones - Seattle Post Intelligencer, Rocky Mountain News). Yellow Pages companies (RH Donnelley, Idearc) likely declaring bankruptcy.

It's becoming a brave new world. And, frankly, that's at least marginally because local users are moving, more and more, to the web for their news, their information and, in general, their life as a whole.

Enter a Borrell Associates report from earlier this week. The company follows the local space and the online media space. Yellow pages, too.

The report "Main Street Goes Interactive " predicts a 275 percent increase in SMB spending on streaming audio and video, almost 140 percent increase on e-mail and direct ad formats, nearly 35 percent increase in paid search spending, and an 8 percent increase in standard display ads. According to the report, there are more than 14.6 million SMBs in the U.S.

Defining an SMB is varied depending on the type of business, of course. According to a ClickZ look at the report:

Even though the research firm cautions smaller advertiser accounts can be labor-intensive, Borrell stresses that when approached systematically and thoughtfully, the local SMB market has potential. "First you have to define what these things are," said Borrell VP of Research Kip Cassino. "One size doesn't fit all. The definition of SMB changes according to the kind of industry it's in." For example, a department store with 200 employees is considered small, but a law firm with the same number of staffers is "a damn big law firm," Cassino noted.

At G5, we get it. Not only do we work specifically in the local space, but we've been watching this change occur. We know how to speak to local prospects online. We know what they want to hear and we know what they're going to do in order to move from prospect to customer. And we'd love to show you how that works.