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Bounce Back From Negative Property Reviews


Reading a negative review of your property can feel like getting the wind knocked out of you, especially if it's the first one you've ever received. No matter how unjust these comments may be, you should never take them personally, or worse, ignore them completely. Instead, consider tackling the problem head-on with these response tactics.

It's important to accept early on that while the web is a great place to share information about your property and connect with clients, it does give everyone the power to voice their opinion, whether it's founded or not.

The first step is determining whether the review is legitimate. If posts are simply negative, irrational rants, don't waste time on them because most prospective property renters will realize the review is unreliable. Several review sites delete posts deemed unhelpful. You can also go directly to the site provider and discuss removing the unjust review.

For negative comments that cover legitimate concerns, develop a specific action plan and address each review promptly and strategically. Ask yourself, can these problems be fixed? How?

When drafting a response to a negative review, there are four golden rules to remember:

  • Take your time
  • Be brief
  • Don't be defensive
  • Be specific

Begin by thanking the user for his or her input and apologize for the negative experience. Announce that your attention is on the problem and that whenever a complaint is brought to your business, it becomes a central point of focus for management.

If appropriate, you can provide more information about the topic without arguing with the reviewer. It's then crucial to show readers how you're already working on fixing the problem. It never hurts to provide additional contact information that people can use should the problem remain.

While a negative review may seem like a blow, you have the power to transform it into an online search marketing tool by showing customers you are attentive and care about user experience.

Has your property received a negative online review? How did you respond?

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