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Build Your Brand with PPC


Popular brand logos, including Google, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, etc.

Is your brand easily recognizable? PPC can help put it on the map. 

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great tool to build brand recognition online. With PPC, you can place ads on search result pages based on specific search terms. With the right PPC campaigns, consumers will associate your brand with those search terms.

How can you tell if your brand is already recognized online? Check your Google Analytics account. If consumers are searching for your business name, chances are they're already familiar with your brand.

High numbers of your business name in Google Analytics is an indication that:

  • Your offline marketing efforts are working well
  • Your website is well optimized for the business name
  • You have a good online reputation
  • Customers who already know you are connecting with you online

Studies on search behavior indicate that people search for specific business names near the end of a buying cycle. At this stage, research and discovery is done, the choice has been made and the customer is actively seeking a specific brand. What does this mean for you? How does a customer discover your brand? Are you a nationally recognized household name like U-Haul or Kroger? If you are not, PPC can be valuable tool to reach customers earlier in the buying cycle.

PPC is a great tool for one main reason: Control. With PPC, the many variables of online search can be controlled. Target keywords are selected based on the intent of the user and results can be analyzed to determine which keywords are the most valuable to the business. Using generic terms on a PPC platform can help get your branded name out there in front of the customer that is looking for the exact service that you provide, regardless of your name.