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Contextual Advertising Partnership Between Google and Yahoo!


google-yahooIt’s been a wild week in the online advertising world.

On Wednesday Google announced its revised AdWords model with enhanced advertising campaigns, and now Yahoo! has announced a partnership with Google for contextual advertising. This partnership will allow Google to serve contextually relevant ads on available advertising space on Yahoo! digital properties. By utilizing Google’s advertising network and targeting capabilities, Yahoo! will be able to display more relevant ads to users when their inventory can’t meet demand.

Net: Deliver the right ad to the right user at the right time. Isn’t that every marketer’s dream?

For our G5 clients with Google Display Campaigns, this alliance means expanded breadth of websites on which their ads will display. Some of the Yahoo! Network partner sites include Yahoo! Sports, News, and Finance.

Any questions? Be sure to reach out to your Client Performance Manager (CPM) for additional details. .