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Court Renters with Your Content


Quality content is just as important as SEO when attracting new renters.

Is your property's site a lonely wasteland, a wind-swept ghost town devoid of visitors? Blame your SEO strategy.

For years, management and property marketing teams have relied on the same strategies to boost their Internet presence. They sprinkle websites and listings with keywords, hoping to show up in search engine listings and find new tenants. But online search marketing trends are changing, and attracting renters takes more than just adding keywords to online listings.

The Importance of Content

Keywords may be important, but relevant content has become just as vital. Gone are the days when marketing teams could add keywords into a description and receive a dozen calls about a property. Informative content is key.

What does great content do for a property website or listings? It transforms ordinary property information into an important resource for renters to use when conducting an apartment search. Including neighborhood details, maps, nearby public transportation routes and in-depth property information online can provide potential residents with a wealth of knowledge about an area. While using "hard-sell" copy may seem like the easiest way to attract tenants, a softer approach with engaging content can work just as well.

Building great content will also help property owners and operators increase their search rankings.

Content for Gen Y

Property listings should be user-friendly and contain useful information. Young, web-savvy residents are accustomed to browsing well-designed websites—they won't spend time looking over websites or listings that aren't well-designed or only include minimal descriptions. They want websites that are user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and full of informative content.

Younger renters are also likely to share what they find on social networks. Allowing residents and potential tenants to share information through Facebook, Twitter or Google+ may further increase the relevance of great content.

Strategic Internet marketing doesn't have to be difficult. With good content and user-friendly listings, you'll increase your search engine rankings and find new tenants more efficiently.