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Digital Experience Survey Examines How to Get the Most Engagement from Digital Media


A recent survey, conducted by Kentico, calls into question how consumers’ affinity for brands is truly influenced by business’ social media profiles. The survey examined a variety of digital touchpoints and the ways in which they can cause prospects to avoid your brand or establish a lasting relationship by impressing and engaging them.

Nurturing a Social Network

Gaining social network followers that are in your target audience and have an interest in your properties can be challenging. Because of this, it’s important to know that once they’re on board, they expect quality information in return for their attention.

  • 40% reported liking or following a brand because they were already interested and wanted to be kept informed
  • 12% like or follow brands because a friend recommended it
  • 32% report unliking brands because of uninteresting posts
  • 28% unlike or unfollow brands because of too many posts

Using Digital Media to Craft a Positive Digital Experience

The combination of word of mouth, company websites, social media, and real-life experiences have the greatest impact on the perception of a brand.

  • 44% of survey respondents stated that they will not return to websites that are not optimized for mobile devices
  • 73% report never or hardly ever having brand encounters online that affect their offline perception of a brand

Because the majority of consumers have come to expect brand consistency and website usability across multiple media and devices, it has become a valuable practice for businesses to monitor and manage those experiences through the process of Digital Experience Management® (DXM®). By engaging in DXM, businesses find that the impact they make at the beginning of the customer lifecycle can impact the likelihood that the customer will stay a customer and ultimately become an advocate - both online and offline.

To learn more about how to impress your customers with a positive digital experience, click here for a free Digital Experience Assessment.

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