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Don't Get Left Behind - Build a Web Presence


  If you're local and you don't have a web site, it seems that, according to recent reports, you're losing out on customers, and money.

Paula Hay, over at Startup Nation, pointed to a Nielsen Study that says, in essence, that without a web presence, you are going to lose local customers:

"But the era of getting by without a web presence is now officially over. In the fall of 2007, Nielsen/Netratings conducted a study...that uncovered a sea change in consumer shopping habits: 73% of respondents stated that search engines are their top resource for finding local businesses, while 85% of 18-24 year olds placed search engines in the top spot. The Yellow Pages came in at 65%, and fewer than half look to such stand-bys as newspapers, radio, and direct mail."

So what does this mean? Well, in essence, if search engines can't find your business, then neither can consumers. And that means you lose money.

Basically, it's time to for every business to build a web presence or risk falling behind -- and not just from E-commerce sites, but from their next-door-neighbor competitors, too.