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Don't Isolate Your Online Marketing Campaign


Andy Beal at the Marketing Pilgrim alerted us to some new research from iProspect and Jupiter Research. It showed 45% of search marketing campaigns aren’t integrated with off-line marketing efforts. To us, this is not a surprise.

With our platform, we measure all of our clients advertising. That includes off-line. And for many reasons, we have seen that the campaigns oftentimes simply do not match up.

According to the study just over half of search engine marketers (55%) intentionally integrate their efforts with at least one off-line campaign.

So, do your efforts need to link up? Well, yes and no.

We have seen clients where this was of the utmost importance. If there was going to be a special offered, for example, they wanted consistency across all media.

There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but, depending on the business you're in, there is nothing wrong with having multiple specials. Obviously, this is with the long term goal of an in-store sale and, thus, on the local level.

Now if you're going for a branding play, there are ways to do that online as well. However, search marketing is mostly likely not that place as it is a much more direct route to highly motivated buyers.

When it makes sense of course, it is reasonable to integrate search engine strategies with off-line. According to Jupiter, the breakdown of integration is as follows: direct mail (34%) and magazine/newspaper advertising (29%), while both television (12%) and radio advertising (12%) trail behind.

Andy Beal had an interesting point of view as to what, exactly, these numbers mean: "It seems to me that 55% is a healthy number. Search marketing is only just finding a dedicated place in the marketing budgets of companies, so it’s still early days, when it comes to blending SEM with other channels."

We can't disagree with that. As search marketing grows, we expect to see the blending of marketing efforts become more pronounced.