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Exact Match Domains?


The Google logo is bad and Google should feel bad.

What the latest Google update means for rental property owners.

Webmasters and marketers everywhere got a bit of a wake-up call when Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, posted the following Tweet: "Minor weather report: small upcoming Google algo change will reduce low-quality exact match domains in search results."

How can this your rental property's website? For starters, it will affect the way Google operates, and 0.6 percent of inquires will be influenced by the update to a noticeable degree. The update to Panda, the algorithm filter Google created in February 2011, is an attempt to penalize low-quality websites and potential spammer sites instead of ranking them highly in search results.

But even if your property website is considered an exact match domain—that is, having a domain name that exactly matches its primary keyword, such as www.chicagoapartments.com—doesn't mean it will automatically be penalized by the latest Google update. The exact match sites that will be pushed lower in ranking are those that consist of low-quality content.

How to Boost Your Rankings

Whether a property owner is concerned that their exact match domain will be inspected for quality or they are simply hoping for a chance to take the place of low-quality exact match sites in search results, there are five ways he or she can improve their ranking:

1. Consistently add high-quality content and keep unit listings and property news current.

2. If the website does not currently have a blog, create one and update it regularly. Insert popular search terms and use the platform to market toward prospective renters.

3. Use keywords on landing pages, in body content, headlines and in photo descriptions.

4. Track site analytics, traffic patterns and visitor feedback, then make changes when necessary. Test different page designs and writing styles when traffic remains stagnant or decreases.

5. Make good use of link networking by linking to other sites, the property's social media accounts and review sites. Give visitors all the tools they need to learn about a property without ever having to leave the website.

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