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Facebook Custom Audience


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You’re a savvy marketer so your brand has a strong presence on Facebook. You may have even run some paid social ads to Facebook users in your market, and found the results attracted visitors but not enough action. What if you could target users on Facebook who’ve already expressed interest in your business and give them incentive to “Convert Now!”?

Facebook Custom Audience feature allows advertisers to do just that. By targeting potential leads’ phone numbers, user IDs or emails, Facebook will create “Custom Audiences” and market ads specifically to those users. Engage users who visited your website and “Requested More Information” who are still in the research phase. Speak to Facebook fans who have yet to convert. Remind a potential lead who toured your location that they can save money off their lease by signing up today.


Implementing Custom Audience is simple and quick. Custom Audiences must be created in the Facebook Power Editor, which can be accessed on the right hand side of your Ads Management screen. After navigating to the “Custom Audience” tab, create a new audience by uploading a file with your list of email addresses, users’ Facebook IDs, or phone numbers. Facebook will match the information provided to their current user base. Facebook indicates that approximately 50 to 90% of uploaded lists match users, making it even more important that you’re targeting potential prospects on Facebook.

Once implemented, adding your Custom Audience to your Facebook ad targeting is easy. On the Advanced Options tab, add the “Custom Audience(s)” you want to target, while excluding any audiences that are irrelevant to your ad campaign.

Tips, Tricks & Benefits
Whether you’re advertising on Facebook to attract more fans or to drive more leads, the Custom Audience builder is a powerful tool. Users have already expressed interest in your services or brand, so speak directly to them with highly targeted, highly relevant ads. The more precisely you speak to your audience and their interests, the better.

Create Custom Audience

Create Custom Audience

Experiment with micro-segmenting your audiences too! For example, a Senior Living community manager could target their potential leads on Facebook utilizing names and emails users submitted online. After building a “Custom Audience,” the community manager could then segment users into two unique groups: 45-64 year old users and 65+ users. A smart community manager knows that messaging for adult children (looking for communities for their parents) and seniors (researching communities for themselves) should be different, and they utilize Facebook Custom Audience to address those needs. If driving leads to your community is ultimately your goal, create user groups to target potential leads while excluding your current customers. It’s even possible to target friends of fans of your Facebook page which may provide valuable leads as well.

With hundreds of millions of users and such highly advanced audience targeting tools, Facebook gives advertisers a powerful way to address potential leads at every stage of the buying cycle. Start speaking directly to your Facebook users today!