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Facebook Graph Search Rolls Out to More Users


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Facebook Graph: Social Search

 A few updates to last month's G5 blog post on Facebook’s new Graph Search tool. Just last week Facebook ramped its test subjects to include “hundreds of thousands” of newly included users for its initial release of Graph Search, according to Techcrunch – creating quite the online buzz in the process. Let’s take a look at what’s being said about this highly touted new tool from Facebook.

 How is Graph Search being used?

In its beta phase, Facebook Graph Search users are sticking to the social media mogul’s strong suit and searching for friends and photos. However, search parameters have morphed into a new development product called “Intelligent Sorting” enabling search terms to act as synonyms. What does this mean for your properties? Trustworthiness still reigns. Friends are more likely to trust an opinion than a general search engine query. This new application taps into an entirely undeveloped world of friend-to-friend search that could potentially revolutionize the way we address our search terms.

Is Facebook content really all that up to date anymore?

So maybe you worked for NASA five years ago as an aerospace engineer? Old job titles still appear in a Graph Search, which may be troublesome if you’re trying to connect with current employees for a specific company. Intelligent Sorting will predict whether your search is for a friend who currently works there or simply “liked” the page.

What advantages does Graph Search have on your Facebook business presence?

Social media has painted an entirely intimate portrait of our everyday lives – where folks can peruse any number of activities and pictures of their friends, at any given moment. Facebook Graph Search is destined to allow users a more friendly and trustworthy approach to their search queries. With 2.5 billion items of content shared daily via Facebook, your business and its followers may soon be tapping into this search tool for advice on how they want to act on a particular article of interest.

Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman recently spoke about the new search engine’s capacity within the site. Graph Search “will take time for us to build to accommodate all the use cases that we think could be most interesting and most rewarding for people,” he said. “The priority right now in Graph Search is trying to make the product useful so that there are queries you’re likely to do and find interesting when you get the results from Facebook.”

With hundreds of thousands of people using it and begrudging followers waiting their turn, Facebook Graph Search is still an application to be explored. We’ll soon find out if your customers and prospects will fuel their needs through this innovative spin on the search query – but for now it’s a far cry from a billion users.