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Facebook is the No. 1 mobile app


Facebook received more than 85 million unique monthly visitors in December.

Facebook received more than 85 million unique monthly visitors in December. 

At the end of 2012, Facebook was crowned the No.1 U.S. mobile app. In December alone, the social network received more than 85 million unique monthly visitors on mobile devices, outpacing runner up Google Maps by nearly 10 million, according to a recent comScore Mobile Metrix ranking.

What these figures mean

Consider this: by 2016, Forrester predicts tablets will become the primary device for millions of people around the world. Tablet sales are expected to reach 370 million in the next three years.  As many consumers opt for the convenience these devices offer, you need to know how to reach users efficiently.

With social media taking up most people's mobile device time, think about whether your Facebook profile is active enough to connect with renters and attract prospects.

In addition to being the top app in terms of audience ranking, Facebook is also the king of mobile app engagement, as it accounted for 23 percent of time spent on apps in December. Compared to Gmail, Instagram and YouTube's 3 percent stake each, Facebook's portion dominates.

Integrate mobile and social

There are several takeaways from comScore's findings. For one, Facebook interactions are more important now than ever before. Use a social media calendar to make sure you're sharing relevant content frequently. In addition, you need to interact with followers effectively by reaching out and responding to them promptly.

Meanwhile, if people are engaging with you on their smartphones, they want content that is easy to see and enjoyable to read on a small screen. Make sure you're posting a healthy amount of photos and shorter form content to keep followers interested.

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