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Focus Your Calls to Action, Boost PPC


Do you want them to make a reservation online? Be clear on your website and in your pay-per-click (PPC) ads about what you want prospects to do or they might not do anything at all. Let’s assume your website is dialed in with clear on-page calls to action and we’ll look at what specific calls to action in PPC ads can do for conversions and PPC cost per lead.

A client of mine decided a little over a year ago there was more value for them in call leads than in online form leads. We had been tracking PPC call leads through dynamic call tracking numbers associated with our PPC campaigns and online form leads through Google analytics. We had a baseline of data to compare lead sources and decided to test calls to action in the PPC ads. The calls to action were designed to elicit telephone calls to the client instead of online form completions. The calls to action we tested were “Call Us Today!” or “Call to Reserve!” or similar. Check it out:

Reserve Today!

 The siren call of a PPC ad.

Call Us Today:

You can't resist PPC.

Seems pretty simple, right? As simple as it may seem, minor changes like this can have a major effect on whether or not prospects convert, and how they do it. This simple change from “Reserve Today!” to “Call Us Today!” increased total PPC leads (calls and online forms) for this client by 14% and PPC call leads increased by 27% year-over-year while total ad spend was lower. This resulted in a 17% decrease in overall PPC cost per lead and a 26% decrease in PPC cost per call lead. At a minimum, it is worth testing calls to action specific to your marketing objectives. And don’t forget… In order to run a test like this properly, you will need dynamic pay-per-click call tracking numbers to track PPC call leads.