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Four Ways to Increase Your Google+ Following


Google + isn't just Facebook for geeks. It's quickly becoming one of the most important social sites on the Web and it could make or break your business. A great Google+ presence can do wonders for SEO, local search results and your online reputation. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to increase your Google+ following and take full advantage of the social network.

Stand out

Your Google+ page should be as clean and professional as your website. Include photos, videos and maps. Update it frequently with short posts—around 40 words or less. Share company events, planned renovations, tips and tricks, etc.

Be There

Google+ has incredible video chat rooms. Take advantage of them for company announcements, conferences or even seminars. If you throw enticing events, people will follow you.

Add Them

If you want them to follow you, follow them. In Google+, the "+1" lets people know you think their comment or post is relavent or interesting. Use it to to befriend users who may have influence over your customer base.


In Google+ you have the option of sharing a post with friends of friends. Broadcast compelling info this way—you'll reach a significantly larger audience. But use this power wisely. Broadcast too much and you'll come across as spammy.

There are approximately 150 million Google+ users. That pales in comparison to Facebook's nearly 900 million users, but keep in mind that Google+ has a tremendous effect on mobile and local searches. Google+ reviews and posts show up on Google map results. That makes Google+ crucial to your local and mobile search strategy. Google+ ratings and reviews also pop up in search results, making the social media site key to your online reputation.

Don't discount Google+. It may not have Facebook's following, but it's critical to your success online.