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G5 and Google Form Strategic Alliance


G5 Search Marketing Inc., announced this week that they have formed a strategic alliance with Google to become an authorized reseller of Google's AdWords™ advertising program. By delivering relevant ads when users search online for specific products and services, AdWords enables businesses to use the web to find new customers. Integrating AdWords into the G5 Local Advertising Platform empowers G5 to help local businesses efficiently tap into the power and reach of the Google AdWords online advertising platform. G5 gives business owners visibility into the precise local advertising efforts that attract the most profitable customers. As the $100 billion local advertising industry shifts online, it is increasingly important to make targeted advertising decisions. G5 gives local businesses a range of options by offering full-service AdWords account management – from account setup and activation to maintenance, optimization and, most importantly, measurement. AdWords is a cost effective, efficient way for businesses of all sizes to advertise their products and services at exactly the time their customers are looking for them. Using the cost-per-click (CPC) model, businesses can select and bid on keywords related to what they are selling, and pay only when an interested user clicks on their ad. Advanced targeting options, customizable ads and detailed reporting enable advertisers to evaluate the benefits and performance of their cost-per-click advertising efforts. More information is available at www.adwords.google.com. G5 offers local businesses solutions for their advertising efforts through a robust platform that includes a full online suite of solutions. Included in this platform is a measurement tool that can effectively measure the best return on ad spend across any and all media types. "This relationship provides for an exceptionally important addition to our unique platform," Said Hobin. "We can now offer local and regional businesses an all-in-one platform that includes not only AdWords pay-per-click advertising, but also Local Maps Optimization, Organic Search and, most importantly, measurement for their advertising across all media."