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G5 Hits The Big Hundred


By Amanda Patterson, MarCom Manager  

In this first week of the New Year, G5 reached a major milestone. Our newest employee  (Josh Sullivan, Senior Software Engineer)  became G5’s 100th hire.  

I was hire #59 back in June. In just six short months, our workforce has nearly doubled. We've expanded from a single office on the second floor of the Franklin Building to three office spaces on two floors. Every department has grown. Even our executive leadership team has grown, with the recent addition of VP of Engineering Coby Randquist, and Gunnar Hansen, our new VP of Finance.  

It’s been an exciting ride, and one that is only beginning.  

The dynamic of a company typically changes when the workforce doubles in such a short amount of time. In the case of G5, the change can be summed up in four words: the more, the merrier. We’re twice as big and having twice as much fun. Our corporate culture, which we like to think of as legendarily awesome, hasn’t changed a bit. We’ve just added a little more beer to the after-hours keg.  

Here are some other fun numbers that define our team:  

20: Number of G5ers who bike to work in all kinds of weather  

100: Percentage of G5ers who volunteer their time to better their community  

90: Percentage of G5ers who “Rocked the Ox” at our Oxford Holiday party   90: Percentage of G5ers who were hired locally  

5: Percentage of G5ers who have been here from the beginning  

We’re still growing. Who knows how many extraordinarily talented people will overtake the Franklin building a year from now?  G5 has been successful delivering measurable results for its clients thanks in part to a corporate culture that attracts top talent and inspires employees to work hard, play hard, and live life.  

“100” is a nice, even number, and a number that we’re all proud of. We’ll bask in it for at least another week or two before our next hire starts.