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G5's Take on Google's New +Post Display Ads


Google Announces +Post Display AdsHave you shared a piece of content across social media? Perhaps a beautiful photograph, a news video or even a silly blog. What about an advertisement so hilarious or innovative that you had to share it with your social group right then and there? (Here’s looking at you Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo). With the announcement of +Post ads, Google knows that the chances of "social sharing" are high. Sky high.

Earlier this month, Google announced it was testing a new form of display advertisements called +Post ads. Google+ page content — including pictures, videos and even Hangouts — can now quickly be repurposed into interactive advertising. Users can then interact with your social content directly from your ads across more than 2 million websites on the Google display network.

+Post ads are one of many new marketing products being utilized to increase users’ brand engagement and amplify brands’ social content. According to Eran Arkin, a product manager of Social Ads at Google, +Post ads “allow advertisers to better connect with customers, and customers to better discover what others are thinking” at the very moment they're considering purchasing from a brand.

Furthermore, with the announcement of their Hummingbird update, Google’s search algorithm now gives social signals — engagement with your brand’s social content (likes, retweets, video shares, etc.) — more impact on search rankings. Along with creating and maintaining a strong Google+ presence, advertisers are able to increase the reach of and engagement with their social content by utilizing +Post ads. Ultimately, G5 believes this will translate to increased participation with your online brand, driving more satisfied, engaged customers to your Google+ page and website.

While it's difficult to predict how algorithms will evolve in the future, G5 believes there's a reasonable chance that social shares will match or even outweigh traditional inbound links by the end of 2014. To leverage this focus on social signals, we recently introduced G5 Social SEO™ which integrates social media with SEO best practices to increase traffic, occupancy and revenue.

Currently, Google's +Post ads is a closed beta, limited to major consumer brands such as +Toyota USA and +RITZ Crackers. However, in the upcoming months, Google plans to open this format up to additional advertisers. G5 will work closely with our Google Adwords Representatives to identify opportunities to utilize this new product.

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