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G5's Take on Google's Penguin 2.0


Google launched Penguin 2.0.

Google launched Penguin 2.0.

Last week, Google Webspam team leader Matt Cutts revealed the search engine giant implemented a new algorithm update, Penguin 2.0. While G5's Digital Strategy Team is still measuring the effects of the change, here's what we know so far:

Understanding Penguin 2.0

"About 2.3 percent of English-U.S. queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice," Cutts stated.

Penguin 2.0 is more intensive than its predecessor and is aimed specifically at eliminating black hat spam from search queries. Black hat spamming involves incorrectly presenting content to search engine crawlers and users by designing websites purely based on SEO criteria and delivering a poor user experience. Google didn't start from scratch when it created Penguin 2.0. The search engine simply made its existing algorithm more robust and sophisticated.

Because the updated algorithm is targeting unethical SEO practices and spam, site owners who produce original, intriguing content that is relevant to their audience base can rest easy. Simply stated, G5 clients can rest easy.

Adapting to change

There's no need to overhaul practices because of Penguin 2.0. Instead, focus on strengthening your current SEO strategy:

  1. Opt for rich content: Articles, photos and videos that are original and interesting will improve and maintain page rank.
  2. Monitor link value and acquisition frequency: While linking to a variety of sites is key, it's important that these web addresses are relevant, authoritative and reputable. Links that come from spammy sites will hurt your pages. Additionally, Google monitors how often sites acquire links. This should be a gradual, organic process.
  3. Get active on social media: Connecting with followers on Google+, Facebook and other platforms is key to driving them to your sites and boosting SEO.

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