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Get Your Property on Google+


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Google+ offers your property many benefits.

If you want to be more visible on the Web and better connected with current residents and prospects, you have to be on Google+. This rapidly growing social media platform is an integral part of successful strategic Internet marketing, and the benefits of creating a profile are endless. If you're holding back, here are three reasons you should get on Google+:

1. User experience

Google+ provides users with the highest-quality social networking experience, with options including message tracking, sophisticated contact interactions and circles that keep groups of friends organized. This means your current residents and prospects can interact with your property without feeling overwhelmed or bombarded with updates, which is any marketer's nightmare and can actually hurt your marketing strategy.

2. Hangouts

Google+ offers users the opportunity closely interact with its Hangouts option, a feature that is totally unlike any offered on other social media platforms. Have you considered interacting with prospects or current residents using a live, interactive video tool? Utilizing Google+ Hangouts to hold a Q&A session for interested prospects or to host a meeting with current residents is a great way to build your reputation and increase positive sentiment about your community. Using the tool can also help keep those living in your community in the loop and more involved with the property.

3. Social search improvement

An active Google+ profile can do wonders for your property's search rankings, especially as prospects engage in local Google searches. Google+ users searching for properties will be able to find out if someone in their circles has recommended or shared information about your community, encouraging them to find out more.

Thanks to Google's commitment to integrating all of its functions, there is a strong chance that your property will be more visible in Web searches if you have a Google+ profile. Because Google is working to intertwine its news, search and email functions with Google+, you can't afford to miss out on any potential visibility that could come with having a profile.

Are you on Google+? Have you found the platform to be a successful addition to your marketing campaigns?

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