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Getting Found Online by Today's Boomers and Seniors is Becoming Easier


Good news: it's getting much easier to be found online by today's boomers and seniors.

Senior Living Executive's September/October 2013 issue features senior living online search data compiled by G5. According to this data, boomers and seniors now spend more time online than watching television. This has grand implications for online marketers and how actively they manage their digital experiences.

Increasing hours spent online

Boomers now collectively spend an average of 19 hours per week consuming online media. Seniors are catching up quickly, by spending nearly 16 hours per week on average online.

The internet is now the primary media used

83% of boomers use the internet as their primary means of researching purchasing, shopping, and contacting a company of interest.

Tablets and smartphones are driving online media consumption

More than half of seniors and baby boomers use a smartphone or tablet to research and look for information. Over 40% have made a purchase using one of these devices.

The internet is now a preferred tool for all generations to research, shop, and learn. G5 is excited to be working with senior living professionals to create great digital experiences to captivate this growing market

. Click here to read the September/October 2013 issue of Senior Living Executive.

G5 Senior Living Online Search Data