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Google Author Rank and its impact on SEO


Pen To make your online search marketing as visible and effective as possible, you need to practice strong SEO strategies such as researching and implementing relevant keywords, linking to reputable websites and establishing social media profiles to grab prospective customers' interest and show up in search results. However, your web rankings may take something else into account in the near future: Google Author Rank.


Google's Author Rank tool may be one of the search giant's latest attempts to crack down on black-hat SEO tactics and reward industry leaders who regularly post engaging, informative content on their websites and have established reputations on the Web. According to Forbes, experts anticipate the tool will be implemented and begin impacting Google search results at some point in 2013, meaning you should get ahead of the curve and be ready for the changes that may alter your current rankings.

Why is Author Rank important?
Author Rank will be an important tool to pay attention to in the coming months, because it helps Google determine authorities on certain topics and ranks their content appropriately. This could help smaller sites - such as those run by owners and operators like yourself - get a boost in rankings and start competing with larger businesses.

How to get started with Author Rank
According to Business 2 Community, the Author Rank tool will take the social media presence of writers into consideration, so if you aren't on sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter already, it's time to establish profiles and start attracting some followers. Remember that in terms of Author Rank, Google+ is an especially important tool, since both are Google-based.

Once your profiles are established, your Google+ page will be linked to your website's written content. Remember, the more you write and the more popular your content, the greater an authority you will be perceived as.

Keeping up smart strategies
You'll need to stay on top of your Author Rank once it's established, so make sure you continue posting content on a regular basis to increase your Google search results even more.

However, don't rely on Author Rank alone to help boost your page and receive more pageviews from potential customers. Continue to ensure your blog posts are keyword-rich and engaging to establish a strong reader base, and pass along interesting information. Keep up any linking practices that have worked well in the past, but stay away from black-hat practices such as link exchanges and purchasing links.

You'll also want to further your SEO with social media — after creating profiles to get in line with Author Rank, you don't want to let your pages go dark. Post updates about your property, link to your property's blog and interact with current customers to establish a strong reputation that helps your rankings. If you're concerned about your social media or SEO efforts in regard to Author Rank, it may be a good idea to work with local search marketing services that can ensure you're headed in the right direction.

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