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Google+ Communities


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Google+ has a new feature that is beneficial to property owners and operators.

Google recently announced the latest tool for its social networking platform: Google+ Communities. This new feature will be similar to Facebook Groups—users will be able to create their own communities for certain interests or topics. This gives you the opportunity to create a community for your property and better connect with current residents.

Getting started

If you're thinking about creating a community on Google+, you have the option to make the group public or private. If you choose to have a private community, your renters will need to be provided with a direct link to find group information. If you want your group to be easier to find, you may want to consider making it public. With this option, you'll be able to control who is able to join the community, ensuring only current residents or prospects are able to become members.

You can recreate the atmosphere of your property on your community page by uploading photos, writing a catchy tagline and developing a set of guidelines so members are aware of what can be posted on the page.

What Google+ Communities can do for your property

You can use Google+ Communities to form a stronger rental community and create strong bonds with your residents to ensure they are satisfied with your services and recommend your property to any friends or family members who may be seeking apartments in the area.

Once your community is set up and has some members, you can get started making it work for your property. Users can post discussion topics, meaning you'll be able to receive renter feedback on a consistent basis, or you can even launch a discussion, asking residents for recommendations or suggestions to ensure everyone in the property feels included and welcome.

Members of the community also have the option to start video hangouts, meaning you can choose to host Q&A sessions with current residents or prospects, or even ensure your residents feel connected to their neighbors and want to remain in your rental community. When residents feel at home and positive about their renting experience, you can encourage them to post positive reviews on the site, which furthers your goal of getting new prospects into your available units.

While it is great to connect with renters, being present on the networking site also works for your search rankings. Those conducting queries through Google will find that Google+ pages often show up in their results, making it entirely possible that your page can help you increase the number of new prospects who find your property on the Web.

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