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Google Instant Previews: Your Website's First Impression


Google has rolled out yet another surprising change on search engine results this week – Google Instant Previews. Searchers can now hover over a magnifying glass icon next to the search engine result to preview the website.

Website design has always been important, but never more so than now. If your website isn’t engaging searchers may not click on it. Brands with weakly designed sites may start scrambling to redesign their websites thanks to this new feature.

Instant Previews should also discourage sites with excessive pop-up ads, which may show up in the preview screen and keep searchers away.

We think this new feature is great news for companies with well-designed, user-friendly sites. If searchers like what they see, they will click through, and since they’ve already previewed the search results they could stay on your site longer once they arrive. According to Google, tests showed that people who use Instant Previews are 5% more likely to like the results they click.

For more information, check out this Fast Company article.