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Google’s Top Trends to Watch in 2014 for Multifamily


To best prepare Multifamily marketers for 2014, G5 partnered with Google to present a live webinar on the year’s upcoming trends and consumer behavior changes as they relate to the search engine giant. The webinar included a list of recommended tactics to leverage these anticipated shifts. Check out the list below.

Responsive Design

2014 is the year in which the consumer will transition to mobile. Consumers are always-on, always connected and they expect the same of the businesses with whom they interact. This is an opportunity for property marketers to stay on the cutting edge of improved customer experiences. They can do this by using responsive design to improve organic search results, making it easy for searchers to find what they are looking for, and by focusing on the context of communication, rather than channels.

To put it into perspective, queries in the rental listings category grew 16% in Q3 2013. Of those queries, searches completed from tablets increased by 68%. What’s even more important is that searches done on mobile devices tend to be better at triggering follow-up actions, like a visit to a physical location. On average mobile searches trigger nearly two follow-up actions.

The tendency for follow up actions speaks to the great customer experience that mobile search and a responsive website can provide, but it is better defined by numbers - 62% of consumers believe mobile is a fast and easy way to search.

Location-Based Marketing

Geotargeting began as a method of locating consumers by their self-identified city, zip code or sometimes by their computer’s IP address. App developers and retail marketers have partnered to evolve geotargeting into a type of targeting that uses the consumer’s actual phone location (identified by GPS) for a type of targeting called Location-Based Marketing.

What makes Location-Based Marketing so effective is the amount of time people spend with their phones. To put this in perspective, 75% of Americans even take their phones to the bathroom.

Location-Based Marketing can be made very useful to both businesses and consumers. Imagine being able to present an offer for a move-in discount to a prospect that is nearby your leasing office. Not only is that relevant to the consumer, but it’s also a direct method of generating showings.

Rich Content to Amplify Search

Consumers are becoming numb to blatantly promotional advertising content. This year is the right year to begin to improve the quality of content used on your website. A great way to do this is to partner with your existing customers to create it.

For example, a community may want to feature its residents participating in events with other residents, like a community dog show, on its Facebook page.

Content like this has a greater chance of being liked, shared or retweeted by social media users. The benefit is that these behaviors turn into social signals that tell search engines that this content is relevant and helpful to searchers. Because it’s in the best interest of search engines to provide meaningful content to its users, your rich content will help improve your website’s overall search engine rankings.

To learn more about trends in online marketing and the consumer insights that G5 will be monitoring in 2014, click here to watch the full 40-minute webinar “Google’s Top Trends to Watch in 2014.”

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