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Google Tag Manager Can Boost Marketing Efforts


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Property owners may find Google Tag Manager is helpful in their marketing campaigns.

Marketing may have just gotten easier. With the recent release of the Google Tag Manager, those seeking to market their properties have a new tool at their disposal.

Google's latest breakthrough will allow people marketing properties to better manage their page tracking tags and keep campaigns up-to-date and running smoothly.

Tag Manager Saves Time

After a property operations team has signed up for Google Tag Manager, they can use the tool to manage tags much more easily. There's no longer a need to contact the IT guru or struggle to add tags, because Google created a user-friendly system that property owners can navigate with ease. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to implement campaigns or change up tags and attract renters.

Operators can use tags, or small pieces of website code, to help them gather valuable data about their webpages. Getting tags to work properly can be tough, but this new tool is game-changing for many marketers and increases the efficiency of the process, making it simpler for those promoting properties to find out where they can improve their online marketing. Once the tags are in place, marketers can create rules. These rules will help determine how the tags can be used on your website.

Besides making the marketing process easier on those running campaigns, this new program also can help sites perform better in searches and user experience. While some marketing properties used to continually add tags to better track or optimize their websites, it was a counterproductive strategy that could slow sites down. With the new Tag Manager system, those working to attract renters can more easily monitor their websites and how their campaigns are performing.

Tag manager doesn't stop there. Aside from making the tagging process easier on marketers, users will find that it's easy to change permissions settings (particularly useful if a property owner has multiple properties to market), preview changes and even search a history to change up a tagging strategy to one that worked well in the past.

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