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High Demand for Google - And Bing


By Dave Beltramini, Director of Paid Advertising  

Internet search volume for Google is still growing, indicating that there is high demand for search. According to comScore’s U.S. Search Data (3 months ending 4/11), double digit increases in year-over-year queries were posted for February, March and April.  

The release of Google Instant last September has not contributed significantly to Google’s search share, but it has played an interesting role in how queries are measured and calculated. A query is counted if a) the results are displayed for 3 seconds, or b) a user clicks on the “Search” or “Enter” button, or c) a user clicks on a link to a page.  

Growth Factors  

According to a study by Yahoo and Universal McCann, consumers are using the Internet to become better informed, more price savvy, social, and less impulsive in their purchases. In other words, “The Internet has become the first stop on the path to purchase. The Internet has earned a level of trust greater than traditional print or television outlets. Increasing familiarity with search and digital articles has enabled consumers to act as their own filters, picking and choosing which sources to rely on and which to ignore. When it comes to media, the Internet comes out on top as 2 in 3 people stated they trust the Internet for researching their purchases followed by 43% for magazines and 35% for TV.”  

People know that they will find more detailed information online than through the more traditional sources, and this reason is driving the continued volume growth of search online.  

Not just Google  

While Google continues to be the front-runner, Bing+Yahoo!’s combined April share of queries was 30%, up 30 Basis Points (BPS) from last month. It appears that Bing continues to take share from Yahoo! as Microsoft’s April share grew to a record high of 13.8% vs. 13.6% in March. Yahoo!’s share fell to 17.9% from 18.0% in March. The combined forces of Yahoo and Bing make these search engines viable options for G5 to use to drive traffic to your websites.  

What’s the impact?  

As search volumes continue to rise, so does the importance of having a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Internet marketing will become increasingly fragmented and complex. Additionally, more of your competitors will start seeing the value of Internet marketing and start shifting more marketing dollars online. The conclusion: Having a knowledgeable and forward-thinking marketing partner like G5 will continue to be a critical part of your online success.