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How to Capitalize on Google's Dominance


Property owners can benefit by tailoring digital strategy to capitalize on Google's power.

Google is ubiquitous, far-reaching and one of the most powerful companies in the world - and it's only getting bigger.

According to a recent study by eMarketer, Google is on pace to increase its display advertising revenues this year and surpass Facebook as the top seller in the market. Subsequently, the tech giant will outrank everyone in the search, display and mobile advertising markets. An impressive triple crown of sorts, which is only expected to put further distance between Google and the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL: By 2014, Google will have a 6 percent cushion over its second-place competitor in digital display ad revenues.

The dominance of Google in nearly all realms of digital strategy is unparalleled. But while it may be bad news for its competitors, property owners and operators can take advantage of its broad reach to boost leads and web traffic by focusing a marketing strategy powered by Google.

Creating a Google+ Local page is the first and easiest step to harnessing the power of Google. As a social networking site, Google+ hasn't panned out as the Facebook rival the company expected, but it's gaining steam as a online tool for businesses. Property owners and operators who have a Google+ page can stand to benefit more from organic keyword search results because of Google's partiality to itself. Having a Google+ page can also enable users to recommend a business by way of the +1 function and increase visibility and results even more.

For property owners and operators who may be operating on a less-than-optimal marketing budget, it's important to use available resources wisely by focusing SEO efforts on Google. Keeping up to date with Google Ad Innovations will help properties stay one step ahead of competitors by utilizing services like the seller rating and location extensions. They also offer mobile search services like click to call, a big plus for mobile users who demand immediacy.

Yet another tool in Google's arsenal is remarketing. Getting prospects to notice a business boils down to being present nearly everywhere they go, something Google knows a thing or two about. Google's remarketing strategy can place ads for properties in the sites visited by prospects in Google's ever-expanding Display Network. Once prospects have visited a business' site, they can be targeted for future relevant ads while surfing the web, giving property owners and operators a massive marketing audience.

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