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How to Use Pokémon Go for Your Business



If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ve heard about Pokémon Go. It’s quite the phenomenon. The buzz is high, and you might find this is an opportunity worth capitalizing on—a relatively inexpensive one that can (and should) be executed quickly. As we shared in our Master the Micro-Moment post, it’s important to be where your prospects are.

The game’s stats are astounding. Nationwide, there are 21 million active users a day (as of 7/13). Many think this is because the original Pokémon games were a big part of many childhoods. The user adoption rate beat Candy Crush, the previous record holder. As of the publication of this blog post, Pokémon Go also has more daily users than Twitter

There are several success stories of businesses using the game to drive traffic into their stores and businesses, ramping up their sales. Are you trying to drive more foot traffic? Then it might be time to jump on the bandwagon. Getting people physically to your properties can help establish brand trust and spark the interest of potential residents. What better way to give your staff a chance to start real conversations than having people come directly to them?

So you might be wondering, “how do I go about using Pokémon Go for my business?” Well, to capitalize on this craze, you’ll want to set a Lure within the app—which spawn Pokémon in the area they are set, attracting people to come around and catch them. Each Lure lasts for 30 minutes. Lures can only be set at PokéStops in the game. These PokéStops are places where players can obtain items to use in the game. Think of it as a general store.

Photo Jul 11, 5 08 41 PM (1).png

PokéStops (shown to the left) are set up by the Pokémon Go developer. Your first step is to request a PokéStop set up at your business location. Alternatively, you can place a Lure at an existing PokéStop nearby. Your top choice, however, would be to set up the PokéStop at your business.

For this to be effective for your business, we have a couple recommendations:

1. Make a Pokémon account name that references your business. That way, when you place that Lure, other players will be able to see exactly who placed it—giving your brand and business more recognition.

2. Put a sign outside your building that references that you have Lures inside. You could even offer specials to the Pokémon Trainers.


Remember, this game is location-based; so your staff would need to get on board and help with implementation. The Lures are inexpensive, so it’s generally a low-cost investment.

So, how much exactly?

For 100 dollars, you get 14,500 Pokécoins (these Pokécoins are your Pokémon Go currency); and an eight-pack of Lures costs 680 of these Pokécoins.


14,500 Pokécoins/680 = 21 eight-packs of Lures.

That’s roughly 84 hours of Lures in your pocket.

100 dollars divided by 84 hours brings you to the low cost of $1.19 per hour.

Jumping on top of the Pokémon Go trend is a great idea if you’re looking for more on-property traffic. If you’re looking for that foot traffic, have someone at your company create a branded Pokémon account, request that a PokéStop be set at your location (or in a public location very nearby), purchase some Lures, and place them at that PokéStop. Once you’ve done this, people are likely to start showing up to catch the Pokémon, giving your staff the opportunity to engage with them. Feel free to create your own deals, specials and offers to then “lure” these visitors’ attention.

Also, enjoy the show.