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Is Your Site Bing-friendly?


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Many marketers focus on Google rather than Bing, but they can employ strategies to rank highly on both search engines.

 Google seems to be the preferred search engine for many people, and most marketers tend to tailor their strategic Internet marketing for Google and its users. However, there are plenty of people out there who use Bing, Microsoft's search engine, when they're seeking information on the web. While you may want to keep your site optimized for Google searchers, it doesn't hurt to employ a few Bing-friendly strategies to get even more prospects through your door.

Bing recently revealed some best-practice guidelines that marketers can use as they develop their digital marketing solutions. And it's not hard to get started, as you probably use quite a few of these strategies to achieve high rankings in Google search results as well.

The Basics

You're likely already using thoroughly researched keywords, writing original content and posting frequently to ensure Google users can find your website when seeking a new apartment. These practices are also applicable when you're seeking to rank higher on Bing search results pages. Bing's Webmaster Guidelines also hint at the importance of links, another Google-friendly strategy. Ensure your links are leading to and coming from reputable websites in order to increase credibility.

Social Media Signals

Your social media presence is important to your Bing results. If you're active and boast a large group of followers on commonly used social networking platforms, your chances of ranking highly in Bing search results increase. However, the guide warns against like farms—automatically following a potential resident or current renter that connects with you on social media. According to Bing guidelines, having a high follower count and only following a small number is more beneficial for your credibility.


If your site isn't able to be easily accessed by Bing's crawlers, it isn't likely to rank well. Make sure you're not using technology that can't be considered by crawlers such as Flash and JavaScript to ensure your content can be found by searchers.

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