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Mapping the Customer's Digital Journey


Senior Living Executive’s September/October 2014 issue features G5’s analysis of the customer journey taken by adult children of prospective residents and the five rules of the road for mapping this journey.G5 Senior Living Executive September/October

As this demographic spends more time online than any other media channel, it’s critical for senior living marketers to understand all of the paths consumers follow and the experiences consumers have at each digital touchpoint.

So how do you ensure your digital touchpoints -- interactions on digital channels such as websites, social sites and review sites -- are delivering positive experiences? You map the digital journey. Here are five rules of the road:

  1. Create customer stages: Map the digital stages, or flow of events, that a typical “customer” moves through while engaging with your community.
  2. Identify digital touchpoints:  List all the points where a “customer” might interact digitally with your community.
  3. Plot digital touchpoints: Show where touchpoints fall within the customer lifecycle to gain insight on interactions and identify optimization opportunities within the process.
  4. Highlight key moments of truth:  Some digital interactions have more impact than others. Successful journey maps identify critical moments of truth from the rest. A negative online review, unaddressed by the community, may cause the consumer to look elsewhere.
  5. Take action: Identify key opportunities, including quick fixes in the digital journey. Mapping the digital journey should help lead to specific actions that improve the experience and drive the ROI.

Read the September/October 2014 issue of Senior Living Executive here.

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