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Marketing to Women 40+ – What Senior Living Communities Need to Know


By Amanda Patterson, MarCom Manager  


According to a new study unveiled by Yahoo! And Digitas Health,“Health Styles of the 40-Everything Woman,” the top tip for anyone marketing to this group of women is this: look beyond the stereotypes.  

The study points out that this generation of women are the first to struggle with the idea of “having it all”, and most have spent their adult lives juggling child-rearing, a career, and social responsibility. They’re technologically savvy, they’re smart, and they’re busy - many of them are older moms simultaneously taking care of both their children and their parents.  

While this article is primarily about women’s health needs, it’s interesting to note that more than half of study respondents look online for health information and support, and 43% turn to online communities as information sources. Which means it’s highly likely that this same group of women is going online to research health and care options for their loved ones.  

What does this mean for your Senior Living website?  

  • Make sure your website is easy to find. Your community sites should rank as high as possible in the major search engines for location and care levels. For example, if you have Memory Care community in Orlando, your page should secure top ranking for keywords like “Memory care,” “dementia” and “Alzheimer’s” in Orlando.
  • Claim your Google Place Page and consider running Pay Per Click ads. Organic search optimization is only one component of an effective SEO strategy.
  • Monitor reviews. This study revealed that women in this age group weigh community opinions and feedback when making their decisions. Do you know what is being said about you online?  Are you responding effectively to the reviews that exist?
  • Respect your website visitor’s time. Remember that this group is busy and savvy. Don’t make navigation complex, and don’t bury important details. Anticipate and deliver by serving up the most relevant and important information first – like levels of care, amenities, and directions.
  • Make it easy for this group to contact you. Post clear calls to action on the pages of your site where influencers are most likely to want more info. “Schedule a Tour” and “Request a Brochure” should be on every page of your community’s website, and at the top.

Women are among the biggest influencers when it comes to Senior Living community decisions. The 45-year old woman of 10 years ago is dramatically different from the 45-year old woman of today. Recognizing that is the first step to being wildly successful in your online marketing efforts.