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Mobile: Driving senior housing leads and move-ins


Last fall G5 conducted a survey of our senior housing clients with a mobile presence, and examined the role mobile is playing in driving senior housing leads and move-ins. Our findings were presented in December at the Advanced Sales & Marketing Summit for Seniors Housing, Assisted Living and Nursing Industries in Phoenix, and are now featured in our latest white paper, Can Mobile Drive More Leads and Move-Ins for Senior Housing?

Don't want to give too much away, but the answer to this question is an emphatic YES. A few key takeaways from the data presented:

  • Increasing usage of mobile devices to access the Internet means more traffic to your site from mobile
  • If your website is optimized for mobile, that traffic generates more leads than desktop traffic
  • Those leads convert at a higher rate than desktop leads, resulting in more move-ins
  • Implementing a mobile strategy that delivers a seamless and consistent mobile experience on any device is critical to success

Download the white paper here, and learn why and how mobile is affecting the Senior Housing industry.