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Mobile Makes Sense for Today's Storage Marketplace


By Kim Evered, Sr. Vertical Marketing Manager, Self Storage  


All the buzz about mobile is not only justified, but it’s also relevant for the Self Storage industry. Here are the top three reasons why mobile is a reality in your marketplace:  

1. Mobile is Everywhere

Ever look around a crowded restaurant and realize that at least half the people in the room are doing something on their mobile device? Mobile devices have been outselling PC’s since Q4 2010, and according to Garner, smartphones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access devices worldwide by 2013. How consumers are using mobile devices is changing; according to Pew Research, six-in-ten American adults are now wireless internet users, and mobile data applications have grown more popular over the last year.  

2. Local Search is Changing

The mobile revolution is quickly changing local search behavior. Mobile users are on the go, in need of finding information quickly. Of the four key emerging trends on how consumers are using mobile, local queries is growing the fastest. In fact, 1 in 3 mobile searches is local.  

In anticipation of the mobile explosion, Google changed their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to display local search queries in a more mobile compatible format. In addition, they’ve added mobile-specific targeting in their Adwords Pay Per Click advertising platform and are offering a host of new display advertising options specifically geared towards mobile devices in their AdMob network.  

According to the Kelsey group, the fastest-growing segment of mobile search advertising is local search -- due partly to the premiums that will be placed on geographically targeted mobile advertising. By 2013, it will represent the majority stake of overall mobile search advertising revenues ($1.3B). Furthermore, mobile users convert at a higher rate; after looking up a local business on their smart phone, 61% of users called the business and 59% visited.  

3. Mobile Search is in Storage

Storage industry websites are seeing an exponential increase in traffic from mobile devices. In Q1 2010, G5 tracking data showed about 2% of our clients’ website visitors coming from mobile devices. In that same time frame in 2011, that number increased to 8% - a 400% increase versus prior year. And while the visitor percentages may not be huge, they are indicative of a trend that’s exploding. Case in point: industry analysts are having to adjust their adoption rate predictions every few months.  

A year ago, the data was not compelling enough for G5 to encourage clients to jump in. Today, G5 believes so strongly in the mobile revolution that we are spending considerable development resources to release our own mobile optimized website platform. For more information on capturing more leads with mobile, download our Free White Paper.  

If you don't have a mobile strategy in place, now is the time to take action.