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Mobile Site Tips


Mobile sites aren't just recommended, they're necessary.

According to Google, 72 percent of users say it's important for websites to be mobile friendly. Additionally, 74 percent of users will return to a site if it works well on their mobile devices and 67 percent will be more inclined to buy a product or use a service if the site is mobile-friendly. And 61 percent are likely to leave a mobile site if it isn't up to par.

Speed and organization the two biggest factors prospects look for in a mobile site. Pages should load in less than five seconds. That means stripping a page down to essentials and eliminating big images and lengthy content. Resize images and either dump long content or tighten it up. Mobile sites need compact organization to cater to how fast modern Multifamily prospects navigate mobile sites. Keep it to single columns and include drop-down or pull-out menus that resize to fit the page when clicked.

Sites should also be thumb-friendly. Instead of just listing a way to contact the owner, embed the phone number with a click-to-call function that does the work for the mobile user. Mis-clicks are one of the drawbacks to thumb navigation. To avoid frustrating mobile users, provide a buffer around links so errant thumb movements don't accidentally direct viewers away from the page. It's also best to include margins between clickable areas to avoid the same issue.

Mobile sites should be fast and easy to use. If yours isn't, you could lose potential prospects.

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