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Multifamily Marketing: Quantity vs. Quantity


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How to make sure your rental property isn't overwhelming prospects with communication.

If you've given any thought to updating your property's SEO and strategic Internet marketing campaign, there's a good chance you've considered doing more promotional strategies in addition to the ones in your current repertoire. Whether that means more time spent online, more social media posts, extra email blasts, regular website updates and/or additional blog posts during the week, increased marketing efforts are likely to take up a bigger portion of your time and resources.

But when it comes to marketing Multifamily properties, is less more? Is quality or quantity more likely to successfully capture more prospective residents' attention? Are people more likely to reach out and engage with the campaign if it's large-scale—more posts, more likes, more followers, more updates—or are small-scale campaigns equally, if not more, successful for properties?

As it turns out, the size of the campaign does not matter as much when it comes to attracting potential residents. That is to say, the number of Facebook likes doesn't necessarily balance out to how many leads are garnered through social media. Don't forget that having many followers may indicate how many prospects are genuinely interested in a rental property, but that may not always be the case. Rather than basing your property campaign on receiving a certain number of Facebook likes and/or social media followers, focus instead on building the most engaged community of followers possible. What's the use in having a large audience if nobody is really listening?

Too Much Social Media Marketing Too Much of the Time

Email isn't the only avenue that prospects can tire of when they feel bombarded. Social media sites—including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, to name a few—should be used with care and marketers should value quality instead of quantity.

Users who follow your property may have chosen to do so for a variety of reasons, but it's likely they followed because they are actually interested in your updates. However, 42 percent of people report unsubscribing from a business' social media updates and posts because they feel overwhelmed by the constant communication.

Instead of jumping into every social media avenue available and posting tons of updates, carefully consider what you're saying. Gauge your marketing consistency on your followers' reactions and other digital marketing trends; when you get responses or property inquiries based on specific updates and/or posts, you know you're doing something right.

Email Marketing and the Danger of Too Much Contact

The average email user spends more than two hours every day in their email accounts. Although this sounds like a great opportunity to get the attention of new prospects, beware sending blasts too frequently. The average person receives 147 email messages every day, according to research from Gmail App Boomerang, but most people spend less than five minutes deleting approximately half of their emails immediately.

Did you know that most people who unsubscribe from email marketing messages report feeling too swamped by the marketer's emails? If your communication becomes overwhelming, even the best prospects won't hesitate to unsubscribe.

The other problem your property may run into when sending email blasts on a constant basis is losing relevancy. If you're sending multiple emails every week about your Multifamily properties, it's best to make sure you're actually providing interesting, helpful information rather than communicating only for the sake of having contact with potential renters.

How many updates do you think is just right? Have you cut down your marketing output recently?

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