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Old Media Must Migrate Online to Find Younger Audience


The audience for television and newspaper is getting older.

While this may not be a surprise to everyone, the average age of that audience very well could be: 50. And according to Silicon Alley Insider, that is when most advertisers stop paying for the audience. This poses a major problems for major TV networks.

Younger users, by and large, are migrating online for virtually all of their information and, in many cases, entertainment as well. This helps explain things like hulu.com. As the younger generation moves online, pushing content to them, such as TV shows, will be key to keeping the revenue flowing into network coffers.

Now, this does not imply that television and newspapers don't still have a significant audience. The baby boomer generation is, of course, huge. And, Greg Sterling points out, older generations tend to have more money to spend.

But what this really means, it seems, is that content providers: television networks, newspapers, radio stations, etc. need to rethink their market strategy sooner rather than later. Between TiVo, Google News and other aggregation tools, it is more and more important for these "old media" platforms to reach out to new consumers - through any roads available. And by any means necessary.