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Optimizing Video for SEO


Using video in SEO is a slick way to boost content.

 Video is a great way to energize your web content. It can have an enormous reach and presents plenty of opportunities to boost your SEO—and your business.

But you can't just embed a video on a website and hope for the best. Search engines can't view videos, so you'll need to add the right tags and keywords to make sure they pop up in search results.

Research every tag and keyword. Come up with relevant and popular keywords and include them in the video's title, description tags, subtitles, category listings and captions. Video SEO strategy depends on keywords.

Property marketing videos should be less than three-minutes long and provide a compelling reason for viewers to stick around for the first 10 seconds. Additional promotional marketing video formats may include anything from resident interviews, tips from the company or a tie-in to an upcoming event.

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