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Performance is Key to a Great Web Experience


Deliver great web experiences on mobile. It’s no secret that the way consumers use the Web has changed. No longer are they surfing the Web at their desk and on their laptops; instead they’re searching and gathering information on the go using their smartphones and tablets.

Their expectations for performance and ease of use, however, were set by desktop usage. Based on findings presented in The State of User Experience 2014 Annual Edition, many consumers expect websites to be equally fast on mobile devices and desktops; 60% of them will leave a website if it takes more than five seconds to load.

This need for speed means that we as marketers must deliver a design that performs according to expectations. In some cases, this means eliminating features and architecture hurdles that increase load time. Creating web pages with minimal load time is so important to the user experience that Google has decided to favor pages with fast page load times in its algorithm, rewarding compliant marketers with improved search engine rankings.

In a world where customer recommendations and positive social buzz can fuel growth, marketers must optimize their online experience and put their best foot forward at every digital touchpoint. To learn more about how to improve the digital experiences of your prospects and customers, visit GetG5.com.

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