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Property Websites and Google’s Latest Panda Update


Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update #25: Any effect on Property Websites?

For those of you overseeing property websites, another Panda update rolled out earlier this month. The twenty-fifth update for Google’s Panda is probably the last time Google announces a unique Panda update; future updates will be rolled into the algorithm updates regularly made by Google’s search engineers.

This event is, actually, a non-event. When Panda arrived on the SEO scene in February 2011, it was meant to tackle spam sites and downrank firms using “blackhat SEO,” a term used to identify those sites using duplicate or stolen content. Since then Google has continued tweaking the algorithms in Panda. If your site has unique content, you shouldn’t notice any differences to your SEO numbers.

While this recent update appears to be a blip on the Search Engine Optimization scene, it does prompt a terrific opportunity to review your site’s content. Are all links operational? Are there any duplicate pages? Is your site shared socially?

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