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Ranking in Local Search




"How Long Does It Take to Rank in Local Search?

G5's very own SEO Manager Sarah Cyr was asked to lend her infinite SEO wisdom to the good folks at BrightLocal. Here's an excerpt from their July 29 post:

"It's the question that every client asks and that many consultants/agencies struggle to answer in a way that the client comprehends (and) believes. So we thought it would be useful to pool the collective wisdom of our industry's leading experts and make it available for others to learn from (and) reference when the following question arises: "How long does it take to rank in local search?"

The answer to this depends on many factors (and) is specific to the client asking the question. So we devised 5 typical scenarios that cover most local businesses, and will attempt to provide a typical time period for each in achieving significant rankings (and)/or performance."

Take a few minutes to view the answers and learn from the industry experts - including Sarah.