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Reach More Renters with Google Maps


Google Maps takes property marketing to the next level.

Google Maps has long been a leader in the mapping industry, making it a great solution for property owners and operators looking for digital marketing solutions. Especially in light of the recent Apple Maps flub, Google Maps has become an valuable tool for those seeking to market a rental company, as well as those looking for directions.

While Apple struggles to make its mapping app more efficient, Google is scrambling to create a new Google Maps app for Apple users. That means property operators will be able to reach both iPhone and Android users by marketing on Google Maps.

The Benefits of Google Maps

People use search engines frequently, and those conducting a search often aren't looking for just one business in particular—they're searching general terms and checking out local results. This gives property owners and marketers a great opportunity to be noticed by local searchers.

Searchers tend to find local searches the most trustworthy and relevant, according to Business 2 Community. This means if your property consistently comes up in local searches, it's likely to get noticed by users as a reputable and established business.

Potential renters using Google Maps also have the advantage of Google's Street View feature, which allows searchers to easily find locations, see what an area looks like and discover what desirable amenities are nearby before scheduling a tour or calling a property manager for additional information.

Once interested individuals come across a property through a local search using Google Maps, it's easy for them to know exactly where to find a property and how to contact the operators.

Getting a Property on Google Maps

While it may take a technology whiz to create a system such as Google Maps, building operators don't have to be too tech-savvy to take advantage of the marketing benefits. Property owners can choose to add their locations to Google Maps, register the property office address and include other important business details.

By adding Google Maps to a property's local search marketing efforts, a building becomes more visible by the large number of people conducting local searches on a daily basis.

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