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Saving the World, One Site at a Time


By Sarah Douglas, Search Engine Optimizer

In a typical day, the G5 Search Engine Optimizer Team saves the world three to four times. Okay, realistically we’re only saving our clients’ (Google-based) worlds. For the record, it turns out that saving the world allows having a little fun too. It does not require a cape, and the tights are optional, too.

If you were to ask the average person what SEO is, you’d probably get a blank stare. If you ask someone that is familiar with marketing online, they could at least tell you SEO is search engine optimization, and that search engine optimizers do “important stuff” online. But we do oh-so-much-more than that.

We Strategize

First priority: Kamchatka. For playing Risk, anyway. (Ed. Note: We recognize this is a nerdy joke.)

For our client sites, it’s all about keywords – which to use, how to use them, and how to optimize their sites for them. Our figurative tackle box is full of different tools for assessing keywords and we use them all on a regular basis. We could tell you exactly which ones, but then we’d have to…well, probably not kill you, since we’re pretty non-violent, but we’d have to…never mind. Bottom line: Inventing strategies for working with search engines known to have a multitude of factors that are literally unknowable is quite a challenge. But we meet that challenge head on, and damn if we don’t look good doing it, too.

We Answer Questions

Yes, the G5 SEO team is a veritable dispensary of wisdom. We answer questions – a lot of them – from internal sources, as well as our clients.

These range from the very simple:

Q: “This domain has a 404 – should I use a 301 or a 302?”

A: “Nearly always a 301”.

To the extremely complicated -

Q:“Why isn’t this page ranking?”

A: “Well, Google has stated that there are literally a couple hundred factors that are used in their ranking algorithm, so let’s start weeding through all of them, shall we?”

We’re not afraid to say we don’t know, and we’re not ashamed to give vastly different answers to what is seemingly the same question because, sometimes it really just depends – usually on about 200 different factors.

We Conduct Research

Unfortunately, our research never seems to involve Bunsen burners and mad cackling, but we’re still holding out hope. The only way to be an industry expert is to get in and get your hands dirty – figuratively, of course, as no one likes a filthy keyboard. Relying on pure conjecture or word on the street is no way to keep up on the latest and greatest. You never know what methods are being used to get the information; mysterious 8 balls and tea leaves aren’t what we consider to be SEO research. More often than not, our testing is based on trial and error – but we do keep some tea on hand, just in case.

We Have Fun

Work hard and play hard is one of the G5 core values, and the SEO team embraces it. Really, really tight. Madness and mayhem is another fine product coming out of the SEO team. It may not be a coincidence, then, that in our new workspace the SEO team is in one of the only actual dark corners in a building covered in windows. Affectionately known as the “naughty corner,” we’re kept a safe distance from any members of the public that may stop by the G5 offices. Hooting and hollering, making cupcake runs, hosting Mardi Gras parties, stripping during company video filming – it’s all in a day’s work.